DILI KI means “One Earth” in Sumerian, the first-ever written language in human history.

We are a nonprofit musical project that uses Music to raise awareness of our planet's life-threatening problems, and to create resources to combat them.

All proceeds from our recordings are donated to selected NGOs that actively work on cleaning and preserving our planet.

The founder of DILI KI is music producer and engineer Roger Montejano. Roger is a Voting member of the Grammy® Recording Academy and a member of the Audio Engineering Society, Producers & Engineers Wing, and Sociedad General de Autores.

Some of the latest projects Roger has been involved with include KI, under consideration for the 64th Grammy® Awards (Best Global Music Album), Never Say Goodbye, under consideration for the 64th Grammy® Awards (Best Global Music Album), Tiamatu, under consideration for the 63rd Grammy® Awards (Best Global Music Album),  "Beyond Classical", under consideration for the 62nd Grammy® Awards (Best Contemporary Instrumental Album), "Voorpret", under consideration for the 60th Grammy® Awards (Best Alternative Album), and "Paradoja", used in the promotional campaign of the movie "Inception" (Leonardo DiCaprio, Michael Caine) at Canal+.

Roger Montejano @ 62nd Grammy Awards (LA)
KI. FYC 64th Grammy Awards 'Best Global Music Album'
Tiamatu. FYC 63rd Grammy Awards 'Best Global Music Album'
Roger Montejano @ PKO Studios (Madrid)

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